Well being Issues In Cats

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It might come as a shock, for those who’re a new cat proprietor, that many well being issues could befall your feline good friend. Some issues are simply preventable, whereas others are hereditary ormekur til kat.


Hairballs are among the many most typical of cat well being issues. Cats groom themselves virtually continuously, and swallow the free hair that comes off their tongues. Sometimes, the hair gathers right into a ball and lodges within the cat’s digestive tract as a substitute of passing on via the physique. In case your cat begins coughing and hacking, he in all probability has a hairball. Whereas the top product is disagreeable for the proprietor, most cats do not have an issue dislodging hairballs.

Nonetheless, hairballs can sometimes cross right into a cat’s intestines and trigger a blockage. This generally is a life-threatening drawback. There are a couple of indicators to search for to see in case your cat’s hairball is harmful. In case your cat is constipated, off his feed, or is torpid with a boring coat, then he might have a critical blockage. A vet examination is certainly so as.

To stop hairballs, groom your cat regularly to take away free hair. As well as, feed your cat meals that helps control hairballs.


For a lot of cats, worms are a recurring drawback. Roundworms, tapeworms, and hookworms mostly infect cats. Cats can sometimes develop heartworms, as nicely. In case your cat appears unable to realize weight, is infested with fleas, or has white specks that appear like grains of rice in his stools, take him to the veterinarian for worm testing.

Worms are simply cured with a couple of doses of treatment, but when left untreated, they are often deadly.

Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections are one other frequent well being drawback in cats. This an infection is especially frequent in unneutered male cats, though feminine cats may develop this drawback. In case your cat all of the sudden stops utilizing the litter box, a urinary tract an infection is suspect. In case your cat’s urine smells sturdy, once more a urinary tract an infection would be the trigger. These infections have to be handled by a veterinarian. Ask about cat meals that scale back the probability of one other an infection.

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)

FIP is attributable to a mutation of the corona virus. In keeping with some consultants, cats residing in multi-cat environments are inclined to test optimistic for enteric corona virus. Cats can reside with that virus remaining quietly within the intestines with no signal of illness for his or her total lifetime. In different circumstances, in all probability a genetic pre-disposition, the virus mutates into FIP.

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